Drawing upon his background in visual media, soundtrack development, advertising and meeting and event production, DAVID NEWMAN, owner of DNPworks has built an impressive portfolio of high-profile projects that have helped his clients increase brand awareness, isolate their key message and influence their target markets. David brings a deep understanding of media integration at its highest levels of communication strategy and how media production aligns with this. Differentiated by his experience in a broad spectrum of industries, David embraces a methodical and collaborative approach in working either with clients directly or at the agency level.

Consistently producing results that work, David has successfully delivered media for focused markets in healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, telecommunications, financial services and food service. His proven project management skills, diagnostic abilities and creative flair are transferable to any B2B marketing challenge favoring targeted media. Additionally, he has produced many employee-driven communications, most notably for Cooper Lighting and Navistar, which define the core values and model best business practices of a business by showcasing employees in stories and events linked to the corporate culture.

A natural problem solver, David’s strength is in explaining value beyond the initial scope of a project and creating unseen value by exploring all possibilities and not adhering to a set protocol. His process finds rhythm in quickly assessing a client’s business, plan, collaborating around each unique challenge from an applications standpoint and executing the strategies in a cost-conscious, thematically consistent and brand-appropriate manner.